Natural helps you to achieve new goals and dreams by being in a good condition. Performing in a natural high energized and creative state in social and business life needs to be the output. Find out more stuff below.

    We use Personal Training as an instrument to give personal high quality-based training sessions.

    Improving your food, workout and lifestyle gives you the energy what’s needed to form the body and creates new potentials to build a better quality of life.

    We look around every corner to find talented people. Our Brand DNA can be described as a natural, empathic, pro-active, open minded and creative approach.

    Natural stays true to it’s roots. You can choose to train indoor and outdoor. Indoor training takes place at our Natural Concept Studio, located at Anthonetta Kuijlstraat 21. Outdoor training finds place at Kralingse Bos.

    Together with your PT’er you decide when to train. The first training starts at 8.00 AM. The last training ends at 21.00 PM.

    When you decide to start your natural lifestyle experience, we begin to asses and measure your present health and lifestyle. The second step is to set up a match with one of our personal trainers. Profile, personality and goal-type are decisive in this proces. Then it’s time to train, sweat and live like an athlete. This proces takes out 3 months, with a minimum of 2 training sessions a week. Every four weeks we do a monthly reflection and measurement to manage your proces. The last step is to evaluate the results that are made.

    Step 1: Assessment & Measurement

    Step 2: Matchmaking

    Step 3: Train

    Step 4: Reflect & Measurement

    Step 5: Results

    Personal Training
    60 minutes | 70 euro*

    Personal Coaching
    60 minutes | 70 euro*

    Massage Therapy
    30 minutes | 35 euro*

    Manual Therapy
    30 minutes | 35 euro*

    Healthy Cooking Lesson
    60 minutes | 70 euro*

    Personal Nutrition Program
    60 minutes | 100 euro*


    *All prices are excluded VAT

    'Natural helps you to achieve new goals and dreams by being in a good condition.'
    Natural Concept Studio