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    Natural adapts new trends early on, so we collaborate with nordic inspired designers that embody the same vision. They can expose their lifestyle products and inspire you with their newest, creative ideas. Are you a designer, artist or just very talented and you think your products embody’s the same vision as ours, don’t hesitate to contact us.


    We collaborate with NOHRD, winner of the german design award 2016. They offer wooden design equipment to stimulate training in a natural environment. All products are made of wood to create a organic atmosphere.

    In our studio we strive to pursue a natural environment that’s personalized. All your senses should be stimulated, such as the smell of fresh pine trees when you walk in. We make sure that every detail gets the right attention to give you the best personal experience possible.


    – gymboutique
    – free parking
    – kitchen
    – bathroom
    – toilet

    'Natural strives to adapt new trends early on.'
    Natural Concept Studio
    'In our studio we strive to pursue a natural environment that’s personalized. '
    Natural Concept Studio